Calivas & Jovanovic

Financial Strategies Group

of Wells Fargo Advisors


 "We Are Devoted To Building Bridges to Your Financial Goals and Dreams." 


Mission Statement

“We are devoted to building bridges to your financial goals and dreams,” are words that both symbolize and embody the essence and philosophy of our team.

Our devotion and dedication to our clients drives our constant pursuit to achieve complete client satisfaction and excellence with the services and advice we provide.

Our disciplines, processes and procedures align with each of our clients.  We assist individuals, families, businesses and organizations, to build, manage, preserve and transition wealth.  Providing advice for investments, risks, liabilities and estates represent the cornerstones of our core competencies where we utilize continuous processes for understanding, analyzing, implementing and evaluating each client's strategy.

Our mission requires each team member to continually stay current with their education and training as well as utilize our experience, good judgment, care, skill and passion when providing unbiased advice with integrity.

Being dedicated to building bridges to our clients' financial goals and dreams requires a relentless, passionate and insatiable commitment to our mission to which we aspire.